The services we provide:

Preparation of documents for company registration at Tax Administration at the start of business activities

Our services

The services we provide:
  • preparation of documents for company registration at Tax Administration at the start of business activities
  • registration of entrepreneurs
  • informing clients about actual changes in regulations
  • control before booking of accounting documents
  • maintaining of general ledger in accordance with the applicable regulations in the Republic of Serbia
  • preparation of accounting statements
  • maintaining the register of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • VAT calculation and compilation of the prescribed tax returns
  • calculations for wholesale, retail, import, export
  • bookkeeping records of traffic and services
  • maintaining material accountancy
  • bookkeeping of goods
  • calculation of production for manufacturing firms
  • calculation of interest on all grounds
  • management of fixed assets and calculation of amortization
  • keeping of dinar and foreign currency cash balances
  • calculation of official travel within the country and abroad
  • preparation of financial reports and documents for loans
  • preparation of payrolls with associated tax returns and bank transfers
  • preparation of the form M-4 for registration service of the employees
  • calculation of service contracts, copyright contracts, contracts, rents, etc.. with tax returns and bank transfers
  • making forms of the beginning and the end of employment of the workers
  • preparation of reports about operation and preparation of final accounts
  • preparation of final accounts (balance) if necessary, in English
  • analysis of business with preparation of balance and calculation of results at the client's request
  • organization of keeping business records and accounting documents
  • providing advice in all areas of finance, especially in the conduct of financial policies
  • tax consultancy
Our new services include:
  • creating business plans
  • study on transfer pricing

We offer our clients the opportunity to use our courier services, fully or partially, which affects the price of our services to a certain extant.


General Director of the Accountancy “Pan”

About us

Accountancy “Pan” is a limited liability company which was established in 1998 with main activity of accounting, bookkeeping and tax advice.

The head office of the company is located in Zrenjanin, Bulevar Milutina Milankovića unnumbered. The company does bookkeeping for companies, entrepreneurs, associations, sports associations under the applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

All the jobs, all of the bookkeeping, as well as preparation of all prescribed calculation and forms are done on computers with the use of accounting software.

In determining the price of our service, we assess the client's needs, having in mind primarily the scope of work of our contractual obligations that can be individually specified and quantified.

When reviewing and evaluating our obligations, we accurately perceive the scope and structure of liabilities, adjusted to the data of each individual customer, and then we determine the height of the prices of our services.

When starting business we are aware that the client objectively does not have a precise data or plans what the scope of work will be, and there are frequent cases where the scope and structure of our business depends on the speed of delivery of certain suppliers, imports, exports, and similar, in which case the objective price of our services is more difficult to determine. In such cases, we make an agreement about the price for short term, for example, for the first month lower price, for the second month a slightly higher or lower depending on the estimated dynamics, and then for the third month, and the following months we determine a final price. We determine such a methodology of prices and then sign a contract, having in mind that a shorter term planning price generally becomes objective and we rarely have requests for changing the prices.

The contract provides the possibility of changing all elements of the contract, as well as the contract price, of course, by mutual consent of both parties. It is very clearly listed in the contract that both contracting parties can terminate the contractual relationship in a fair and businesslike manner.

We offer our clients the opportunity to use our courier services, fully or partially, which affects the price of our services to certain extent. Fully engaging courier service means that in the name of the client, we take all the documents from the headquarters of the client, we go to the bank and other institutions, we check-in and check-out workers, we carry all the tax returns and financial statements to the relevant state institutions.